Maybot Run: The Hilarious Political Run Simulator is Finally Here on PC, Linux & Mac.

Maybot Run is Here!

After four months of sleepless nights, forgetting to eat, and bug fixing rages we've finally got here, launch day for all versions of Maybot Run. Today we finished testing the Mac and Linux builds of the game and added them to the already released Windows PC build. So now everybody can play Maybot Run, no one needs to be left out.

Dodgy-Davebot trots under a tractor grabbing that sweet tax money

Maybot Mayhem

We hope you enjoy playing Maybot Run the ridiculous, hilarious, political run simulator. We've worked hard to make the gameplay original for an endless runner and the feedback so far suggests it really is. Whether your blasting hope and ethics out of existence with champagne. Jumping and sliding over homeless missiles and angry mobs. Or collecting loads of votes to buy some upgrades and new characters to try and get a better score you'll be laughing all the way. We'd love to hear what you think of our game in the comments. Happy gaming :)

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